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Internet marketing software

Internet marketing software

The free unique Internet marketing softwares of IMS pro for PC & Mac.

These softs (but the Adobe Air versions) do not modify your registry. You can install them on any USB key, external drive, etc.
All of them are 100% clean, they do not collect a single byte of your personal data!

Note for PC users: I'm offering 15 clean and useful freewares on three sites of mine, some for Mac as well, without having to even sign-up, opt in, whatsoever! Forgive me if their installers are basic, but the "CB Most Recent" and "RSS Reader's" ones. If you don't change their installation location, just go to your desktop, locate my freeware(s)' folders and, please, create shortcuts manually. You may move the whole folders anywhere, even on USB keys.

- MarketPlace - New

You master ClickBank, you sort the products by category, by keyword, by commission %, popularityrank etc., you visit their pitch pages, the vendors' pedigree on two services, the other affiliates who sell the products you sell, that you manage and keep track of within an embedded database, as well as all your CB accounts in a second database. Plus more...

- Absolute image forge

You access 110 free online image creation and edition services. You create images from scratch, you edit them, you add special effects. You produce slideshows, you edit videos...

- Absolute keyword forge

You'll definitely like it! This marketing software helps you to scrutinize the metamorphosis of a word into a KW, of a KW into a top KW. You check out the emotional charge attached to a KW, as well as the most searched KWs, called "Top keywords", on several major services and engines. Plus more.

- Absolute code finder

This free software allows you to find your code snippets in two clicks. Whatever the language, C++, C, SmallTalk, VB, Perl, Ruby, Asp, C#, Ajax, Java, JS, etc.

- Absolute PHP finder

This free software allows you to find your PHP code snippets in two clicks (plus resources).

- Internet marketing software 1

This freeware allows you to find free content for your sites in two clicks.

- Atom feed builder

This freeware allows you to build your atom feeds in a few clicks. It also carries an advanced web search module.

- Internet marketing software 2

This free Internet marketing software allows you to auto surf lists of URLs, to remove duplicate entries, to auto surf search engines result pages, by choosing KWs in the Internet marketing KW Top400, or any KW of your choice, to save the URLs you visit into text files, plus more.

- Internet marketing software 3

This freeware allows you to perform real time searches against 12 famous services. These services mainly are social networking sites. The soft also offers an advanced search module. This software can greatly help you in your Internet marketing activities.

- Meta SearchMax

This free Internet marketing software allows you to find quickly almost anything you need on the Net. Thanks to a selection of 49 carefully chosen engines: blog search, forums search, videos, images, business and engineering, scientific, meta engines, bi lingual, free ebooks, etc. This tool helps you to save much time.

- Rss Reader and Finder

This Internet marketing software allows you to manage your whole collection of Rss feeds. Add, edit, update (either one by one, or in bulk), delete. The plus before its competitors: it's also a feed finder. You find litterally zillions of feeds related to your niches, by keyword. What does it mean? It means you get access to real time informations by K-tons. After so many years of Quest, you finally reach the absolute information overload :) And we all know what to do with fresh information.
Another sweet plus: hum... It's free. Yes, I know, I do exaggerate.

- CB Most Recent

This weekly updated marketing software displays the most recent products available at Clickbank, sorted by date. You visit their pitch pages from within your own browser.

If you appreciate these softs, please, link to the site:

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General infos

Most of these softwares carry a "help" window.

They are 100% free of spyware and virus, word of honor.

They're all web based, they require an active Internet connection, and you to allow them within your firewall.

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